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Our clinic is equipped with the most modern medical equipment in Romania.


it automatically adjusts the dosage of radiation depending on density.

  • SafeBeam technology automatically and continuously monitors the system operation, thus eliminating the possibility of unnecessary exposure

 As a result, the patient exposure is tailored for each scan and image contrast remains consistent regardless of patient size or bone density.


  • The perfect solution for 2D images.
  • It allows the creation of different types of 2D images and data evaluation takes only a few seconds.

The root inclinations, tooth position, absorption, hyperplastic growth, abnormal tooth structure and mandibular canal can easily identify and mark.

  • The images and data can be gathered, it can make reports which can then be stored on CD or DVD.

Cephalometric Radiographs

They are used to study the relation between tooth, jaw bone and soft tissues. The images are obtained to diagnose abnormal growth of facial, to identify fractures or lesions of the tooth or jaw bone and to measure the tooth. The quality of images obtained by NewTom Giano allows the specialist to plan a precise and safe orthodontic surgery. 
All radiological investigations occur in maximum security, very short time, and the image contrast is greatest.

Chirana, a new generation of dental units, unique modular system with new technologies being developed using high quality materials, this allows the doctor to work at the highest standard. An excellent ergonomics for patient and the monitor attached to the unit’s arm makes dental surgery be no longer an uncomfortable thing, this time the pacient watching TV his favorite program in a comfortable armchair.

The patient often claims ineffective salivary aspiration. Therefore we have attached additional surgical aspiration that is used during surgery where it triggers a flow of fluid, in order to completely eliminate this discomfort ,, too full”.


Is an ultra-efficient and versatile endodontic surgical, designed for the doctor’s comfort so that intervention to be successful, and duration of surgery to be significantly decreased.


The photopolymerisation lamp X-Lite 3 is a high quality product based on sophisticated technology applied in a tool that is simple to use.

Light source is provided by a powerful LED, which reduces exposure time by 50% compared to a halogen lamp bulb.

X-Lite 3 is designed for maximum efficiency and shortening the maximum time for photopolymerization.


Digital display

- Intensity 1,500 mW / cm2

- 4 LEDs 

- Exposure time adjustable controlled by microprocessor . These device’s options makes the whitening to achieve safely and the dentinal sensitivity not to appear, thanks to its customized mode for each patient where the intensity and the exposure to light are adjust. Thus, the whitening effect is greatest, and also sensitivity protection is maximal. 



- equipped with a bright LCD

- Play a clear image and different colors to indicate the trajectory

- Based on advanced technology and a frequency measurement and automatic calibration to ensure fairness multiple measurements

- Foldable, adjustable viewing angle

- During measurement, sound intensity change to indicate the needle position in canal

- Display real-time needle position in the channel. All these features make the canal treatment to be a success without overtaking or insufficiently treated channels.

To achieve a maximum sterilization, we chose an efficient and effective equipment.

Both our patients and the medical team are in total safety.

Domina Plus B can sterilize even the most difficult materials, such as cavities or pores instruments. It fulfils the latest international standards and passed the toughest tests of sterilization (test Bowie & Dick and Helix). All stages and sterilization cycles are controlled by the microprocessor, thus eliminating the risk of human error and help monitoring the sterilization process. Domina Plus B also offers the possibility to set parameters manually sterilization. All this makes the Domina Plus B autoclave to be a very high performance but low consumption, meeting the most stringent safety standards. 

The device sterilization allows archiving of the sterilization data directly on your PC and can not doubt that there was no suitable product sterilization. 




Ultrasonic scaling machine

What is it and how to make ultrasonic scaling? 

Ultrasonic Scaling is a modern method of removing plaque and tartar from the teeth and under the gums, which began to replace more and more the classic manual, due to the numerous advantages it offers.

The procedure is realized by means of a wand-shaped device, attached to an ultrasound device. The top of device produces ultrasonic vibrations which cleans teeth, total removal of waste being realized by constant cooling water 

When the ultrasound scaling is recommended?

Scaling ultrasound is recommended for:

  • supragingival tartar removal;
  • subgingival tartar removal;
  • removing of color stains from tooth enamel;
  • if necrotic ulcerative gingivostomatitis; 
  • haemophiliac patients etc.

What are the advantages of this procedure?

Ultrasonic scaling is more "gentle" than the manual and do not cause pain. Also, it has other important advantages:

  • It helps remove dental calculus;
  • It does not affect tooth structure (the manual one provides risk);
  • It is also useful for people suffering from gum disease (periodontitis including) where the manual one is not allowed;
  • It helps to better remove stains from teeth;
  • It does not require local anesthesia and does not use chemicals;

The time of realizing the procedure is shorter.

When the scaling ultrasound is not indicated?

Just as with any health-related procedures, there are some contraindications in choosing this type of scaling. Can not be used if:

  • people diagnosed with contagious diseases;
  • people diagnosed with mental health problems;
  • heart patients who have a pacemaker;
  • children under 12 years. 


Air flow. Benefits 

Air Flow, the most modern method of prophylaxis

Innovative dental prophylaxis. This procedure is not risky for patients with gum or tooth sensitivity increased and is not accompanied by adverse effects.

By using the Air Flow, Magic Elite Dent dental clinic gives to the patients spectacular results. Removing the plaque caused by tobacco is done entirely with the Air Flow device.

What is Air Flow therapy? 

Air Flow is a device used in dental prophylaxis treatment that uses airflow action, combined with water and sodium bicarbonate powder for removing stains, plaque and tartar. Due to the effect of teeth whitening sodium bicarbonate, slightly abrasive, patients will also benefit of polishing dental surfaces sanitized. 

Air Flow Therapy is a non-invasive alternative to traditional teeth whitening procedures, without any chemical action on the surface decay. Cleaning and whitening effects are achieved thanks interaction with microcrystals baking enamel. The results of teeth whitening treatment is observed with regaining the natural whiteness of teeth. 

How does it work our treatments Air Flow technique?

Our specialist orthodontist during treatment with Air Flow, design a controlled jet of air, water and bicarbonate microparticles, on the entire surface of the teeth. Thanks to Air Flow device technology, orthodontist also solve the bacterial plaque hidden in gingival"pockets". 

Supragingivally treatment application enables Air Flow professional dental access in all areas of oro-dental cavity, which can then be cleaned thoroughly. As a result, all pigmentation spots and all traces of dental plaque disappear almost miraculously, also from hard to reach spaces between teeth.

The enamel or gingival tissues are not damaged to the pacients, nor are bothered by no means minimal pain sensation.The main purpose of Air Flow technology is to polish and remove all deposits, including food residues here, biofilm and calculus. 

What are the recommendations Air Flow therapy?

Occlusal tooth cleaning surfaces before sealing;

Remove stains caused by coffee, smoking, red wine or bacteria that blackened enamel around dental crown;

Removing the plaque from interdental areas resistant to other treatments dental prophylaxis;

Blasting (cleaning) prostheses and prosthetic implants before the final phase;

Air Flow is efficiently in whitening treatments when your dentist can not accurately assess how enamel is damaged; 

It is also recommended in the phase that precedes the braces application in fixed braces device. 

What are the main advantages of the technique Air Flow?

Air Flow is a practicing affordable, very comfortable even for patients with oral sensitive or dental phobias;

During therapy, neither dentin, cementum or dental enamel shows no signs of wear or damage;

It helps prevent periodontal diseases such periodontitis or gingivitis; 

The Air Flow technique removes dental plaque and stains, helping to regain natural whiteness;

It helps maintain and sanitize of dental implants or dental restoration works type bridges, crowns or dentures;

The Air Flow technology cleans and sanitizes dental fissures, being recommended in a phase that precedes sealing treatments;

Following the Air Flow treatments, patients not only enjoy a brighter teeth, but also a pleasant and fresh breath;

Our doctors use before the application of dental implants and prostheses.

After years of perfecting the Air Flow technology, this becomes a method that covers multiple fields of orthodontics and also a practice adopted by any skilled dentist and any respectable dental office. 

Everything is at superlative in our clinic, do not hesitate when you want to visit us. The latest equipment, a competent team, exceptional ambience, the place where safety and comfort prevails.

Choose MAGIC ELITE DENT because you deserve all the best.