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Do you want a magic smile in just 24 hours? then we have the solution the resista implants. All on four. All on six.

 RESISTA are using the highest level of technology used in a line of implants with 26 years experience, RESISTA is synonymous with reliability, balance and continuity. Therefore, patients can lead a normal life after just 24 hours Thanks to the favorable geometry, the native bone becomes a perfect biomechanical support for restoration. So, the provisional restoration is possible in just 24 hours. The dental implant is conical, like the tooth root, so, the forces taken over by the dental implants are similar with the forces taken over by the tooth root. The composition of the Resista implant is pure titanium class IV (ISO standard) .This ensures you the highest degree of biocompatibility with direct influence on the process of integration into the bone structure.


Using this type of implant it is obtained: 

- fully functional teeth (mastication, physiognomy) in just 24 hours

- immediate resumption of social life 

- a complex dental treatment in just one session -greatly reduced pain and rapid healing time by using modern ways of treatment: piezonsurgery, physiodispenser, kit complete implantology PRF membrane.

The persons who need this type of implants:

-the persons who have lost all their teeth and want a fixed dental structure.

-persons having irrecoverable teeth that can not support a prosthetic device fixed. 

- mobile dentures carriers who want a fixed dental structure.




• CONSULTATION. – The implant doctor will carefully inspect the oral cavity for determining the treatment plan. In this meeting, the doctor also recommend basic blood tests (blood count, ESR, bleeding and clotting times, etc.) and computed tomography. All designed for your safety and the success of treatment.

• The reassessment of the patient. The interpretation of blood tests and CT by your implant under which the implant doctor confirms or not performing surgery with implants 

• The anesthesia is local.

• The insert of the implant into the bone structure after gingival incision.

• Dental printing of the position of implant is done immediately after the surgery 

• The insertion and adaptation of the provisional structure is done 24 hours after inserting implants, so you can smile, talk, eat immediately after fixing the dental work.

• The removal of suture wires - is made after 7 days after surgery, then wait 4-6 months for the bone cells to adapt to the surface of the dental implant, osseointegration. 

• The dental print for final structure - is achieved after 4-6 months.

• Postoperative care - strict adherence to daily oral hygiene, brushing and professional dental cleaning every 6 months and regular preventive visits. 


-fast procedure, teeth in 24 hours 

-extracts and implantation in one dental session 

-cost planning since the first consultation. 

-modern equipment and techniques for successful intervention

-ambient exceptional for your comfort

-competent team, specialized in implantology.

-top implants.